Who We Are

We’re a team of serial entrepreneurs and AI research scientists with a passion for storytelling and a vision for preserving human legacy.

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Who We Are

We’re a team of serial entrepreneurs and AI research scientists with a passion for storytelling and a vision for preserving human legacy.

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Ben Cook


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Jeff Wald


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Nicolas Bonifas


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Steve Watson

Chief Product Officer

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Darren McAuliffe

AI Innovation Lead

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Cat Leipold

Head of Growth

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We trust our people.

That means...

Take care of yourself.

Vacations are sacred, time off is time off, your family comes first, and no one should apologize for investing in their own wellbeing. Burnout is the enemy of productivity in any creative field, and we won’t be looking over your shoulder or cracking the whip demanding more hours at the desk.

Take responsibility for your work.

No one operates in a vacuum. When others are depending on you, there’s no excuse for leaving them hanging. That means delivering on your commitments – but because life inevitably happens, it also means communicating problems early. Transparency, clear communication, and reliability count for more than flashes of genius.

Don’t be a hero.

Firefighting at work is commendable but almost always unnecessary. If you see something, say something – but corporate emergencies are rarely life-threatening, and if everything feels like a crisis… that’s a symptom of poor leadership, not the team’s execution.

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life's stories, written for you by your personal biographer

Your mother's
Your grandpa's
Your sister's
Your dad's
Your aunt's
Your uncle's
stories and wisdom, captured and saved forever.

Memory Lane helps family members record stories. And all generations get to listen.

Try it out now

A family gathering for all your stories and wisdom.

Memory lane is a secure space for your family to tell stories. Anyone can be a storyteller. Anyone can be a listener.

Invite others to become listeners with you as you relive past memories and discover new ones.

Memory Lane creates the home base for all your family stories.

Up next, your grandma’s secret Brownie recipe

Memory Lane helps you create life-long memories that speak to you in voice-enriched snippets.Think of memory lane as a collection of your fondest memories and stories, retold countless times for generations to come.

As simple as having a conversation

Capture, share and preserve by speaking naturally (no rehearsing necessary) into your phone or laptop

Let us do the hard work

Your audio recordings are transcribed, summarized and relevant people are tagged so that everything is at your fingertips. For you and generations to come.

Keep the dialog going

As a listener you can add comments, share your perspective or ask follow up questions.

Try it out now


“My children live on the East Coast so I don’t see them that often. So they gave me access to Memory to record stories from my past, such as important life lessons. I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to share these moments with them.“

Margaret, 82
Long Beach, CA

“Memory Lane is my secret to building the relationship with my parents. Life often gets in the way and they are too modest to demand more of our busy lives. But now, we easily share stories of their lives and how their grandkids are doing. I know they love it because they keep hitting that record button.“

Michael, 49
Madison, WI

“My dad has led an interesting life. He’s got so many things to tell and I’m so happy that we can us Memory Lane to record his stories. My siblings and I now have a growing catalogue of incredible dad stories that we’ll have access to forever.“

Emma, 38
Glade Hill, VA

Curate stories, however you
want to

It's not just about life stories. Family favorite recipes, mom’s lessons on parenting and dad’s DIY methods have a home on Memory Lane too. That everyday wisdom can then be shared with the whole family.